20/20 Vision


Our 20/20 Vision revolves around Community Groups.

Community Groups meet regularly to live out the values:

  • WORD: A Community Group seeks to learn from the Bible together so they can apply and obey God’s Word in daily lives.
  • CARE: A Community Group cares for one another physically, emotionally, and spiritually—gathering, encouraging and helping each other turn away from sin. (Heb. 3:12-13)
  • MISSION: A Community Group lives on God’s mission to speak and show God’s grace to people around us. Our desire is for Community Groups to become mission “outposts” of God’s Kingdom throughout the surrounding region, so that people who don’t know Jesus can see the gospel in action through our relationships.

As groups multiply, our desire is that everyone at Parkview would have access to a group that meets them where they are. By the end of 2014, our goal is to have 40 Community Groups, and by year 2020, 150-200 Community Groups meeting in East Central Iowa.

2014-15 Goals

  • Identify a Community Groups pastor, and have that pastor in place by end of 2014-2015 church year.
  • Grow to 60 Community Groups by end of 2014-2015 year.
  • Have 30 people meet Jesus through Community Groups.
  • Continue to develop elder mentoring of Community Group leaders who coach Community Group leaders to truly balance Word, Care and Mission.
  • Have each Community Group Leader meet four times with an elder or coach.


To reach a county that in 40 years is projected to double in population, the leadership determined it would be more effective to reach people from multiple worship locations.

The Leadership Network reports over 5,000 expressions of multi-site churches in North America. The common denominators of the top 100 growing churches are:

  • Multisite Worship
  • Group Life
  • Community Engagement

Churches who utilize the multi-site concept find an increase outreach to unchurched people and an increase in the development of leaders from within the church. As Community Groups multiply and form solid foundations for biblical community, we believe our communities will be best served by multiple worship sites focused on serving the unique needs of each community’s demographics.

2014-15 Goals

  • Continue momentum in North Liberty site search.
  • Identify a campus pastor by December.
  • Pray for, identify and secure a site for a 2015 launch.
  • Begin to explore sites on the Southeast side of Iowa City and develop a timeline.


God has provided Parkview many opportunities over the years to reach the community and throughout the world.

  • University of Iowa campus
    1. 24:7 College Ministries
    2. International students, 80% of whom are from the 10/40 window
  • At-risk population of children and families through the Spot, Faith Academy
  • The Hispanic community through the Spanish ESL program
  • Orphans through Yezelalem Minch, and victims of human trafficking through Rapha House (Cambodia).
  • Over 20 countries around the world, supporting global workers

The 20/20 Vision includes a commitment to see these ventures continue and expand, as well as to see a noticeable up-tick in personal outreach as Parkview members/attenders connect in Community Groups and personally engage with unchurched friends, neighbors, and co-workers, serving them and sharing Jesus with them.

2014-15 Goals

  • Provide intentional training on prayer and evangelism.
  • Have 500 people led to Jesus by 500 different Parkview attendees.
  • Have 100 students reached in 24:7, with the weekly worship night increased to 200 students.
  • 100 students led to Jesus in J Life and Student Impact.
  • 25 mentors developed at The Spot and Faith Academy.
  • For Faith Academy to grow by a grade per year.
  • Have International student friendships increase to 400.
  • Continue to explore partnership with Sudanese/Americans in Iowa City.

Target #4: EQUIPPING

While Community Groups can provide a great place for people to study the Bible and be encouraged to practice Truth, some areas of study and spiritual disciplines could be better taught in additional contexts.

As part of the 20/20 Vision, we would like to establish a clear and accessible slate of courses that provide teaching in:

  • Doctrine
  • Life Skills (marriage, parenting, financial management)
  • Bible
  • Ministry Skills (prayer, sharing faith, spiritual gifts)

The goal is to offer a variety of courses in blocks of 3-15 weeks throughout the week, some of which could also be available on-line for personal or group study.

2014-15 Goals

Continue to develop opportunities such as:


As people meet in community, areas of battle and sin will emerge in our lives. Issues may also emerge that are beyond the ability of a Community Group to address.

The desire of leadership at Parkview is to have a solid Counseling and Support Group Ministry that will help wounded people find victory in the Truth and be restored to the place at which they can be a healthy member of a Biblical Community Group. Fulfilling this target will require Parkview to:

  1. Provide groups and counseling for people.
  2. Consider the establishment of a counseling center at Parkview.
  3. Equip people to care and meet needs in the Community Group model.

2014-15 Goals

  • Reach 100 people through Celebrate Recovery Ministry or equivalent.
  • Have a Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference hosted by Grace Church in the fall. Have 50-100 people equipped to bring care to Community Groups.


It is Biblical for a church to raise up and follow the leaders who fit the requirements of I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

These leaders are humble, courageous, and sacrificial. To fulfill the 20/20 Vision, it is crucial that we revisit our leadership structure for elders, deacons and deaconesses. We will streamline what our leadership to be ready to grow numerically as a church and to free up our elders to serve in greater capacities as shepherds of groups and group leaders. We do not desire our leadership structure, which in many instances was set up when Parkview was a smaller church, to bottleneck growth.

2014-15 Goals

  • Continue current leadership development by Elders, Deacons & Staff.

Target #7: STAFF

To evaluate current staff roles and positions to be sure that key areas of 20/20 Vision are being staffed well, and to identify necessary staff hires.

2014-15 Goals

  • Provide clarity on staff titles, roles, goal setting, & evaluation process.
  • Continue contending as one for the gospel.
  • Identify a Community Groups Pastor.
  • Identify a Campus Pastor.


Growth like this will need the appropriate facilities to support the work of the ministry.

However, we cannot be clear enough: facilities will not be the driving force in our 20/20 Vision. The building, maintaining, and expanding of facilities can certainly take energy and resources, but our focus in this vision will always come back to 2 primary motivations:

  • The Great Commandment - “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39)
  • The Great Commission - “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:18-20)

As these truths guide our vision, we need our facilities to provide for our growing congregation and bless our communities. By the year 2020, our goal is to build or acquire flexible facilities in North Liberty and the southeast side of Iowa City.

The finances for 20/20 Vision staffing, facilities, and resources can be bountifully provided as God’s people step out in faith. As we practice radical generosity, giving in a way that reflects how generous God has been with us and demonstrates that we are deeply aware of how blessed we are. We also know we have been entrusted these gifts by God for His glory and our enjoyment, and our greatest joy will come when we use His gifts to bring Him glory.

2014-15 Goals

Clear direction for:

  • A facility for Faith Academy.
  • A facility for a North Liberty site.
  • Seeking God, running courageously after Him, and trusting Him to provide.


We recognize that this vision is bold and aggressive; our response should be humble, persistent, and radical prayer.

The cumulative effect of every goal and strategy listed above should overwhelm us and cause our knees to buckle. How can all of this happen in 5 or 6 years?  Jesus said, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing”. Jesus modeled radical prayer (Luke 5:16; 6:12), and invited His followers to watch and pray so they won’t fall into temptation (Mark 14:38). In the pursuit of the 20/20 Vision, we will be tempted to doubt, to live selfishly, to strive to please people rather than obey God, and to think that we can pull this off on our own efforts.

These things will not happen unless we are constantly covering this vision in prayer. While it may sound daunting to...

  • Launch 200 Community Groups.
  • Establish, staff and fund 2-4 sites for worship.
  • See God reach 3000 people in 6 years.

… our greater task is to surrender our lives to God, rid ourselves of the illusion of control, and boldly intercede for our friends and neighbors through unceasing prayer.

2014-15 Goals

  • Staff/Elders:  Pray so that our commitment to prayer will spread contagiously and organically have an impact our meetings, our appointments, our conversations, our teaching, and our ministry.
  • Read "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller.
  • Promote Ignite, Congregational Meetings, and other venues for prayer this year.