Weekly Online Connections

Peace in the Pandemic with Doug Schillinger
Tuesday | 8pm, Wednesday | 12pm, Thursday | 8pm
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An open conversation anyone is welcome to join, but especially designed for people new to Parkview, not in a Parkview community group, and/or people new to church and Christianity in general. Hosted by Pastor Doug Schillinger, Doug will share some opening thoughts, then he will be joined by 4-6 other people from the Iowa City community who will begin by sharing how the Pandemic is impacting them, and how their faith has been helping them move forward.  After that, each session will be an interactive conversation with all involved discussing Jesus, faith, the pandemic, and how we can help each other in these difficult days. Invite your friends and family members!

Daily Prayer with Josh Casey
Monday-Saturday | 9am
North Campus Facebook Group

Devotionals with Doug Fern
Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 12pm
East Campus Facebook Group

ReNew with Thomas Hoak
Wednesdays | 8pm
Parkview Church Facebook Page
While we physically isolate ourselves, the world is calling us to tune in and drop out–killing the time until this all blows over. But the Bible calls us to “make the best use of the time” (Ephesians 5:16). What if we embraced this time as an opportunity to take a step forward in our pursuit of Christlikeness? ReNew is designed for that very purpose. Join us as we dive into the scriptures with an aim to learn and to grow as believers. We recommend that you join this course with your Community Group or another trusted believer, as the content will be aimed at the deep application and reflection that take place best in the context of community. If you don’t have that right now, please email us at and we’ll help you get connected.