What we’re doing
During the seven weeks leading up to Easter, we will be studying Jesus' key teachings in John 13-17 that are designed for Jesus' followers to put into practice in their relationships with each other and in their mission to reach out to the world around them.

We want to hear how you are experiencing God's power in your life as you apply Jesus' teachings during these weeks.

How can I participate?
Share a brief story or photo showing how God is working in your life or those around you. Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and include the hashtag #WhatMattersMost. You may also email   or call the church office at 354-5580.

What’s a hashtag?
A hashtag is a word or collection of words preceded by the pound (#) symbol, used on social media to label a topic. At Parkview, we are using it to collect stories that relate to our current sermon series.

What it’s not
We are not looking to self-promote. Our hope is to simply share how we’re seeing God working in and around us.