Nov 08, 2020 | Pastor Paul

Fishers and Farmers - CC

Fishers and Farmers: Below you will find a link to the audio version of the Sunday evening equipping for becoming Fishers of Men. You can download this and it will be available in this place for two weeks. You will need to pause the audio to implement the action steps or discuss with your group. Use the following time codes for accessing specific tools. One possible way to use this with your small group is to listen to/practice one tool each week or spend several weeks on one tool. Contact Paul with any questions or for further training at

0:00 Farming,
4:44 Abiding (John 15:5),
12:12 Evangelistic Prayer,
16:50 Listening,
20:05 Writing/Memorizing/Sharing God's Work in Your LIfe,
38:52 Stating the Good News of Jesus (aka The Gospel),
46:09 Helping a Person Put Their Trust in Jesus,
57:38 What to do After Someone Says Yes to Jesus AND What to do When Someone Says They're Not Ready,
1:16:23 Fishing

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