Leadership Transition

As Parkview Church moves forward in our Lead Pastor search and selection, the congregation is invited to participate in the process. We are using an online survey called the Congregational Assessment Tool and the link is active! You should have received a link via email on August 2 & 4. If you did not receive an invitation email in the past few days, the assessment is available by clicking the link below. Your responses will help us to accurately describe our church culture and will provide a foundation for our Lead Pastor candidate profile. If you do not utilize email, paper copies are available at our Central Campus or emailing and may be completed and returned before August 16. Your input is critical to the process. Please check your inbox for assessment information and complete your survey this week.

Congregational Assessment Tool

It is with a sad heart we inform you that Doug Schillinger will be leaving the pastoral staff of Parkview Church on June 30th. As you know, Doug has faithfully and tirelessly served Parkview for 24 years. We know he has cared for many of you so very well through his years here at Parkview. There are many, many examples of God working through Doug and Laurie which have glorified God and brought a multitude of blessings to the Parkview family.
We realize for some of you this news may seem sudden. Please know that the Elder Team has in fact been addressing this possibility for several months. We love Doug, Laurie, and their family and it is only after much prayer and extensive deliberation and effort that we collectively came to the decision that Doug’s talents and gifting were not best aligned to lead a multi-campus church going forward. We (the Elders) offered Doug a different role within Parkview that he declined, and Doug suggested a different role within Parkview which we declined.
We assure you that Doug’s departure is not in response to any immoral, doctrinal, or legal failure.
We hope that each of you joins with us in loving and caring for Doug, Laurie, and their family during this time. We are actively planning for the transition to a new Lead Pastor, and have charged Doug Fern and Josh Casey to lead the church’s day to day operations until a new Lead Pastor is identified. 
We will keep you apprised of the process as we go forward, and welcome your questions or comments along the way. We recognize that the above is indeed a challenge for Parkview, but take comfort in the acknowledgment that God knew of all these details from eternity past, and has promised to use every aspect of this ultimately for our individual and collective good and His glory!

While we understand that several of you would like greater details regarding the reasons for his departure, we also hope you understand that we’re not at liberty to share personal performance information for any Parkview employee with the general public or congregation. We will keep you informed of the process as we go forward, and welcome your questions or comments along the way. Members can request access to recorded elder forum by contacting .

The Elders
Dave Asprey
Mike Binder
Len Brooks
Josh Casey
David Elliot
Mike Farley
Doug Fern
Dave Foster
Troy Lyons
Mark Mysnyk (Chair)


updated 8/5/2020