Global Outreach

God has given a gift of love to the world in the person of Jesus Christ, and there is no greater privilege than sharing this love with other people.

Outreach abroad

We can do this where we work, play, and live BUT we can also do this in places where it's harder for people to encounter the message of God's love AND in the 'going' we receive blessings of hospitality, new foods, new friends, new sites… in short, our view of God's creation and heart for this world can be radically expanded!

God's heart to bless people of all nations is clear throughout the Bible.  Parkview Church is blessed with every opportunity we have to serve and connect globally. You can be involved by helping provide the money needed to support these connections, you can 'go', you can pray for God to guide and bless these efforts, or you can do all three!

Outreach at home

Parkview Church can offer our international guests what they desire from us: true friendship. An international, living in Iowa City needs someone who will listen to their lives, someone they can trust, someone who knows where to find things in Iowa City, a ride to Walmart, or someone to share exciting news with. A recent visitor from China said about her 80 year-old American friend: "She listens to me and she prays for me... I think she's a real Christian."

2016-2017 Short-term Global Outreach:

Email Paul at for more information about any of these opportunities.

Global Health Outreach National Conference: Nov. 10th-12th. For aspiring/practicing medical professionals and other volunteers. Louisville, KY. Parkview covers participant costs as needed.

Mexico-Casa Hogar Orphanage: Spring Break 2017 (March 11-18). Carmargo, Mexico. Construction/repair – fixing door frames, new locks, frame an apartment and other interior divisions. Bible school and activities with the children. All ages welcome. Team size 15 max. Cost $900.

Ethiopia – Yezelalem Minch Orphanage: Dates TBD. Learning and leading a spiritual retreat for orphanage staff. Jh+. Team size 10. Cost $2,500.

Central African Republic #1: Dates TBD (14 days between March-June 2017); partner with Tim & Ann Wester and Annelise Jacobson at their hospital and nursing school in Gamboula. Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, dental hygienists, medical professors – teaching one-on-one or to a larger group. Team size 4. Adult medical professionals only.  Cost.$2,000.

(trauma, orthopedics, radiology – teaching ultra-sound reading are highest needs).

Central African Republic #2: Dates TBD (20+ days between June-Aug. 2017); partner with Tim & Ann Wester and Annelise Jacobson at their hospital and nursing school in Gamboula. Students/medical para-professionals. Team size 7. Cost.$3,000.

China: May 15-June 15. Teach English Activity classes and lead Bible studies on the campus of our exchange-partner university in Wuhan, China. College +. Team size 16. Cost $2,500.

Ukraine: June 23-July 11. Student ministries partners with Lindsay and Andriy Kravtsov to faciliate FCA sports camps. High School +. Team size 20. Cost $2,700.

Global Health Outreach/Christian Medical and Dental Association:

Year-long calendar of medical outreach opportunities that partner with local pastors to bless the nations.

Be a friend to an International Student!

Each year international students fill out an application hoping to match with an American friend. Meeting for a cup of coffee or a trip to Walmart can be a HUGE blessing. Give your fears to God and take this step of faith to be a blessing! You can apply online by clicking the button below.


Global Workers Prayer Requests

Global workers not only need monetary support but spiritual support. Consider interceding for them in prayer. Here are some common concerns.

  • Flexibility and trust in God's sovereignty: (Phil 4:6) worry about nothing, pray about everything.
  • True friends in the host culture: friends are the best protection against feeling alone.
  • Humility, servant attitude: (Phil. 2:5-8)
  • Safety in travel and health.
  • Children: for them to know the joy of having 'two-cultures'.

Global Workers Around the World

Parkview partners in countries from the following continents to serve and be a blessing: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

We are involved in providing medical care, English language instruction/conversation, athletic training, travel/cultural exchange, orphan/family care, business/community development, counseling, peace-making, local education development, opportunities to learn the Bible, collegiate instruction, and many other ways God has opened doors for us to love others and serve the world.

For more information, request a hard copy of Parkview's 'Global Outreach Partnership Booklet', available in the Resource Center or Parkview front office.