Parkview Women’s Ministry Summer Book Study

Parkview Women’s Ministry Summer Book Study
Every Wednesday from 06/12/2019 to 07/10/2019

June 12 - July 10  |  9-10:30 AM & 7-8:30PM
Central Campus

Human beings were created to reflect the image of God--but only to a limited extent. Although we share important attributes with God (love, mercy, compassion, etc.), there are other qualities that only God possesses, such as unlimited power, knowledge, and authority. At the root of all sin is our rebellious desire to be like God in such ways--a desire that first manifested itself in the garden of Eden.

In None Like Him, Jen Wilkin leads us on a journey to discover ten ways God is different from us--and why that's a good thing. In the process, she highlights the joy of seeing our limited selves in relation to a limitless God, and how such a realization frees us from striving to be more than we were created to be.

This book study will be led by Stephanie Coons at Parkview's Central Campus. Please register and purchase the book ahead of the first class. Come ready to discuss Chapters 1-2 at our first meeting.



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