Discovering the Truth of Easter

Here are a variety of resources to assist you in your pursuit of the truth about Jesus and the resurrection.  Please don’t hesitate to connect with us, by filling out the connect card on the previous page, if you’d like to talk with someone about your questions.

Facts to Show the Resurrection is True by William Lane Craig

The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel

Seven Signs that Easter Happened by

Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? Three hypotheses. by Ian Hutchinson

Evidence, Knowledge, & Science: How Does Christianity Measure Up? by Tyler VanderWeele

The Ressurection, Evidence, and The Scientist by S. Joshua Swamidass

The Final Days of Jesus Series by Justin Taylor

Evidence Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead by William Lane Craig

What Are the Proofs of the Resurrection? by Dr. Theodore Cabal

The Resurrection Evidence that Changed Current Scholarship by Gary Habermas

Evidence for Jesus' Empty Tomb by Gary Habermas, Mikel Del Rosario, and Darrell L. Bock